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"It was an Amazing Experience"

"Hi Emily, just to let you know baby "C" arrived on Thursday at 1:33pm. I stayed home until 4cm dilated and was very calm. I decided to go to the hospital as it felt right. I managed to get the pool room, had aromatherapy, played the music and all of the tracks continuously for the 12 hours and only had 4 paracetamols. The midwives couldn’t believe how calm and collected I was. I honestly cannot thank you enough, it was an amazing (still painful at times) experience but I am so proud of myself and so happy he was born calm and totally naturally. He came safely into the world and is doing amazing, thats everything 💙 so thank you again. I can write a proper testimony when things get a bit more ‘normal’ here xxxx" - Loren

"We need to always remember that mothers who are afraid, tend to secrete the hormones that delay or inhibit birth. This is true of all mammals and is part of natures design. Those who are not terrified are more likely to secrete, in abundance, the hormones that make labor and birth easier and less painful -- sometimes, even pleasurable." - Ina May Gaskin - 

Why Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing haven home water birth 5 minutes after being born
Hypnobirthing water birth
Hypnobirthing Haven, first baby having skin to skin wth dad
mother and new baby

Hypnobirthing is a technique which helps prepare women emotionally, physically and mentally for pregnancy and birth.


KG Hypnobirthing is a complete, in-depth, antenatal and relaxation programme providing you with the tools and knowledge for a relaxed, empowered and informed birth, wherever and however that may be. It is logical, simple, practical…. and VERY EFFECTIVE!


It enables you to work with your body and gives you the confidence to trust that your body is completely capable of giving birth as that is what it is designed to do!


Hypnobirthing puts YOU in charge so your baby can be born calm and alert as nature intended, able to bond with you quickly and settle into healthy sleeping and feeding patterns.

Too often we have been programmed throughout our lives with a negative pre-conception of pain in childbirth from books, media, films and even the stories of the people around us. This proven method is all about dispelling these negative mis-conceptions, releasing any fear and changing the way you think and feel about birth into positivity and even excitement to give your baby the best possible start in life!

What I Offer!
Please note that  due to the current situation all courses will be delivered online and course material will be digital. 
With all the uncertainty that is at present, it is more important than ever for women to know what their options are, to have the "tools" to help you relax (through pregnancy and birth), to understand the physiology of birth (just how birth works) and to have adequate support.
 I am therefore discounting all courses throughout the covid-19 outbreak in the hope that it can be accessible to more families in this time of need.
Hypnobirting mum to be, practicing at home Hypnobirthing Haven

Bespoke hypnobirthing, private course, completely tailored to your specific needs and circumstances

Hypnobirthing Haven Group of expectant mums

The complete hypnobirthing course in a relaxed, social environment

Bespoke to meet your needs. Whether you are expecting a subsequent baby or just feel like you need a bit of a top up

pregnant woman accessing the online hypnobirthing course

The complete in-depth antenatal programme available online so you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.​

About Me!

“I am passionate about supporting you to have the birth you want, no matter how or where you are planning to have your baby”

My name is Emily Sheppard, I am trained in KG HypnoBirthing which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and I am based in Carnforth, Lancashire. 

I work with pregnant women and their birth partners to teach deep relaxation techniques which reduce fears and anxieties during pregnancy as well as practical pain management skills for the birth itself. I also offer postnatal support sessions and antenatal and postnatal dance based exercise.

My Hypnobirthing course will cover everything you need to know for the birth of your baby to  give your baby the possible start in life!

I cover Lancashire, Cumbria and North Yorkshire

Whatever the birth you plan to have, KG Hypnobirthing always makes a difference!

Hypnobirthing in Media!

Russell Brand Interview with Katharine Graves

“Birth,  Feminism & Power”
An in-depth look at the logic behind KGHypnobirthing and exploring some of the myths and mis-information that surrounds it:

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Feel free to email, call or use the quick contact form below to send me a message.