"We Had a Beautiful Water Birth"
(after waters had been broken artificially)


Hi Emily, 


I hope you and your family are well and keeping safe. 


We had a little boy on Thursday 2nd April born at 9:36pm in the birth pool delivered by Jane the active birth midwife!


I had my waters broken because there had been a slight reduction in growth and with all the worry about Corona virus we decided this was the best route for us. They broke my waters at 6pm, contractions started at 7pm, active labour started around 9pm and he was born at 9:36pm. 


We had Jane the Active Birth Midwife deliver him and she was amazing. We had a beautiful water birth, with diffuser, candles and relaxing music playing. I had just gas and air and only just managed to get in the pool before he arrived. 


"C" and my blood sugars were all fine and we were allowed home in less than 24 hours. The staff at the RLI were amazing and all so supportive and keen to give me a positive birth the second time around! Xxx" - Katy 

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"I Look Back and Can't Believe How Calm I Stayed"
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"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that our little boy arrived safely on Tuesday morning at 6.41, 8lb5 and he is absolutely thriving and so unbelievably chilled! I was induced on Sunday with a 24hr pessary and they thought I may need further pessaries but they examined me the next day and I was dilated enough for them to break my waters! They took me down to delivery and broke them at around 11pm and the contractions intensified almost immediately! At this point I thought I would need an epidural but had diamorphe and just rolled on my birthing ball calmly with a good playlist on and by 2.30am I was fully dilated! I ended up needing the ventouse suction but I look back now and can’t believe how calm I stayed throughout the whole thing, no panic, no tears, no shouting just breathing and focusing! And I think all that may be what’s contributing to “A’s” complete relaxation! He is an absolute dream and I do put it all down to you!! Thank you so much for everything! I must admit I didn’t practice as much as I should have done but everything we discussed stayed with me! Xxx” - Francis

"It was an Amazing Experience"

"Hi Emily, just to let you know baby "C" arrived on Thursday at 1:33pm. I stayed home until 4cm dilated and was very calm. I decided to go to the hospital as it felt right. I managed to get the pool room, had aromatherapy, played the music and all of the tracks continuously for the 12 hours and only had 4 paracetamols. The midwives couldn’t believe how calm and collected I was. I honestly cannot thank you enough, it was an amazing (still painful at times) experience but I am so proud of myself and so happy he was born calm and totally naturally. He came safely into the world and is doing amazing, thats everything 💙 so thank you again. I can write a proper testimony when things get a bit more ‘normal’ here xxxx" - Loren

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"I Finally got the Birth I Always Wanted"

"I really enjoyed doing the hypnobirthing course with Emily. It made me realise that myself and my husband do have a voice and everything CAN go the way that we would like it. The hypnobirthing helped me get through 54 hour labour and I finally got the birth that I always wanted. Thank you Emily." - Jade

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"Hypnobirthing is Amazing!"
Hypnobaby Alexander Hypnobirthing Haven.JPEG

"Hypnobirthing is amazing, I would highly recommend it to any pregnant woman (especially if you have any fears or concerns with labour).


Emily is a lovely lady and a wonderful teacher. As soon as we met her, she put my partner and I at ease and made the whole experience very enjoyable.


Through following Emily’s advice and teachings, I was able to achieve the calm and completely natural birth that I had dreamed of.


I would certainly recommend Emily’s hypnobirthing classes to anyone interested!"


- Natasha

"I Thoroughly Enjoyed It"

"Hi Emily, Just wanted you to know that our little girl arrived of her own accord and beautifully on Sunday.


The midwife looking after me said it was one of the most relaxed births she had ever seen, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Thank you so much for everything, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it half as much without the hypnobirthing.

Love Jen x"

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"I would wholeheartedly recommend hypnobirthing with Emily.

The relaxation techniques proved invaluable and the knowledge Emily gave us enabled me to make informed decisions and therefore feel more in control of what was for me a very clinical birth.


Thank you Emily" - Catherine

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"I Couldn't of Wished for a Better Birth"
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"Hi Emily! Lovely to hear from you.


The birth was amazing, even quicker than last time! My waters broke in bed at 3.20am and I’d had him by 4.40am. Nearly didn’t get there in time and he was born on the floor in one of the delivery suites 😂 Couldn’t have wished for a better birth!! 😍😍xxx

At the time it was all just a blur but I realised afterwards just how much the hypnobirthing helped-especially as there was no time for any pain relief 😊


We’d had some last minute panics about weight and growth so a c-section had actually been booked in for that same day, so it was amazing and such a relief that he decided to come on his own the night before!


 I’m just so happy with how it all turned out 😊😊xxxx"


 - Eloise

"The Relaxation Techniques Proved Invaluable"
After the Course ~ Before the Birth!

"Emily's KG hypnobirthing course was really good.


The relaxation techniques are so useful, for everyday life as well as for birth, and after only a week of practising I already feel more relaxed in general and also feel well equipped to deal with difficult or worrying situations.


We both feel so much better informed about everything relating to labour and birth, aware of our choices and rights, and generally my mindset is so much more positive now.


Emily is a great teacher and I'd recommend her course to anyone. Thank you so much!" - Janet




And........ The Birth!

"Hi Emily, thank you so much for getting in touch 😊 we did indeed get a Christmas baby!


Our little boy arrived on Christmas Eve. Sadly due to my waters breaking prematurely, we didn't achieve the natural birth we'd hoped for, Our Baby got an infection and we ended up in hospital for a week.


However, the Hypnobirthing definitely helped. Particularly the breathing and relaxation techniques. It helped me a great deal in pregnancy too. So thank you very much  Janet xx"



From a Hypnobirthing Dad ~
"It Helped Me to Know What to Expect and How to Prepare"

"Hypnobirthing helped me to know what to expect/ how to prepare for labour and birth as I had no idea.


I also enjoyed being able to relax my wife and support her with all aspects... particularly liked reading the scripts etc.

Was good to know the various options there were to help with vital decision making." 

- Andy (Hypnobirthing Dad)

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"I'd Go Skipping in There"

‘If somebody said, ‘You’re going to do it (giving birth) all again tomorrow,’ I’d go skipping in there.’ - Adrienne

"Hypnobirthing Changed My Life Completely"

Hypnobirthing changed my life completely!  It turned the biggest fear of my life into the most empowering experience of my life! - Sophia

"Empowered To Take Control"

"I wanted to let you know what an amazing experience I found the course to be. I arrived on the course terrified of giving birth, ready to book myself into hospital and opt for all available drugs. Having attended your course, I feel empowered to take control of my birthing plan,

I'm planning to give birth at home and feel like there is another option available to me where I can enjoy the experience, rather than feeling frightened about it. 

Thank-you very much for completely changing my view 

All the very best" - Sarah

A Father's Experience of a Hypnobirthing and non-Hypnobirthing Birth

My wife and I have three children, one hospital born and two subsequent home births using the Hypno-Birthing technique. To say that we have experienced the extremes of child birth would be to put it mildly. I have seen my wife deliver with both physical and emotional trauma and then have also seen her deliver with a calmness and serenity that defied my previous held belief.

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"The Midwife Asked if I Had Done Hypnobirthing"

"Hi Emily.

Just to let you know Dan and I had a baby girl, born yesterday morning born at 8.48am. 8lb 3oz natural delivery, no pain relief or intervention, although it could have come close if she hasn't arrived when she did as her heart rate dropped.


One midwife asked me if I'd done any hypno birthing as my breathing technique was really good so I said yes!


Thankyou so much for your help and advice. I was listening to the tracks after you sent them me too xxx" - Julia