Emily Sheppard Hypnobirthing Haven


   My name is Emily Sheppard DipHB(KG). I am the mother of two wonderful sons with a third (son/daughter?) on the way. Both of my boys, now 5 and 3, were born quickly and calmly at home using a birth pool and hypnobirthing as pain relief (I honestly didn't feel I needed anything further. I did ask for gas & air both times during transition (more about that on the course) though it was forgotten about 5 mins later and I knew I could "do it") and I am looking forward to our third being born in the same way.

 I came to hypnobirthing on a parents course while pregnant with my first. I always knew I wanted a home birth and I was fairly confident about giving birth, but I had heard a few “horror” stories and so I wanted to ensure I fully prepared myself so I knew what to expect.

Everything in the course made perfect sense and I loved taking the time out each day to relax knowing that it was going to help me achieve the calm, comfortable birth I wished for. And it worked!!!

The course also opened my eyes as to how society in general perceived birth and to how the ‘system’ worked in the maternity care services and I was saddened by the facts that women often feel nervous or even scared about labour/birth when it should be one of the most exciting times of a womans life and that some women/birthing people do have a very negative experience of childbirth and this just didn’t sit well with me.

We all know that birth can deviate from our “ideal” but whichever path a birth takes, whether it be completely natural, an induced labour, instrumental birth or  a C-section, it can be and should be a very positive experience, where the birthing person feels in control, is given all of the information and options and is supported in all her/their decisions.

These thoughts and feelings are what gave me the incentive to want to do more. To be able to inform and educate women and birthing families so they can empower themselves to achieve a birth experience that they will treasure for the rest of their lives is the reason why I love doing what I do and I am so privileged to be a part of their journey!

 I qualified as a          teacher and began teaching Hypnobirthing in 2017 and I qualified as a mentored birth and post natal doula earlier this year, 2021.

I offer KG Hypnobirthing and doula support services in North Lancashire, South Cumbria and North Yorkshire as well as further afield online via Zoom.