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4 Things you CAN do to Achieve an Unmedicated Birth!

Updated: Jan 28

Stories of induction, forceps and Caesarians fill you will dread. You crave a straightforward birth using little more than gas and air. But with all the stories you’ve heard your Dream birth sounds pretty much out of reach!

But let me tell you this, there ARE things you can do to help you have an unmedicated birth. Things that can make your chances greater!

Let’s be clear of course, there are no guarantees. Birth just like life has an unpredictable element to it. But you can do things to stack the odds in your favour.

Think of it like this- there are things you can do to help you live a long life. Eating well, exercising, reducing stress etc. We know and understand that there are no guarantees! We see people that will do it all and indeed get their wish for a long life. Yet we also know that a few people will do it all and unfortunately not get their wish. We wouldn’t suggest that someone was wasting their time by doing all they can to make it more likely.

So back to birth, here are some tips that will stack the odds in your favour to help you have the birth you want:

Consider your environment

Where you birth makes a difference to how you birth.

The best place for you to give birth is the place where you feel the safest. This may be a Hospital, Birth Centre, at home or in the forest by a stream surrounded by bluebells (whatever floats your boat).

When you feel safe, your good labour hormones can flow, you avoid adrenalin and things can be quicker and more comfortable, avoiding the need for medication if that’s your desire.

Do really take the time to consider your choice of environment. Know that you have choices and avoid making assumptions.

Some couples assume that birthing in a hospital is the safest option and whilst this might be true for some women it’s not the case for all. Make an informed decision, if you are aiming for an unmedicated birth have look at the intervention rates at your choice of birth place. You maybe surprised at how much they differ. http://www.which.co.uk/birth-choice/ is a great resource for comparisons and the Birth Place Study is very useful.

Remove fear

If you are frightened of birth don’t accept that this is normal. You are right it’s very common, what chance do we have with the way birth is presented on TV? But it’s not how you should feel. Holding onto that fear is likely to impact how you birth.

When you are frightened you produce Adrenalin. This is what our bodies do whenever they think we are in danger. This is clever! It helps us escape from danger- you may have heard of the fight or flight response. This was originally to help us escape from predators.

News flash- you can not run off from your baby’s birth!

So if we are afraid during our baby’s birth we produce Adrenalin. Adrenalin pumps our energy into our arms and legs i.e the fight or flight response. This slows down our labour and it can become more uncomfortable. Why would our body want to birth our baby when we perceive there to be a danger?

Deal with this fear now! Show your mind that birth doesn’t have to be scary. Avoid all the negative stuff about birth, immerse yourself in positivity and build trust that you can do this.

Freeing yourself from fear and Adrenalin will help you minimise the need for pain relief and intervention.

Practice deep relaxation techniques

When you are relaxed in labour your body can get on with the job it was designed to do. You will produce wonderful amounts of oxytocin and endorphins making things more comfortable and potentially quicker.

So all you need to do is relax! Easy eh?!

Ah no, unfortunately not, because most of us are pretty pants at relaxing! We need to practice in pregnancy!

We need to condition ourselves to go into a state of deep relaxation easily and on demand. This takes work but enjoy it! So take time out daily and switch off from stress.

If you have done a Hypnobirthing course, this is why your teacher encourages you to practice your techniques regularly and enjoy time out to bond with your baby.

Get informed

As the saying goes ‘if I don’t know my options I don’t have any’

Research, question everything and know that it’s you that makes the decisions. AIMS is a great source of unbiased information. This is your baby and your body!

Enough said!

So as I mentioned earlier- there are no guarantees, because birth- just like life doesn’t always go to plan. That being said the tips I’ve discussed will help you have a more positive experience even if things don’t go the way you hoped.

Of course the ultimate way of preparing would be doing a Hypnobirthing course with me as we go through all these things, plus lots lots more, in huge detail!

You will gain a thorough understanding of how mindset plays such an important part in the birthing process. You will gain powerful tools for releasing fear and enabling yourself to relax to birth your baby. Plus you’ll gain knowledge and tools, helping you have the best birth possible, however it goes.

Get in touch to book you place on a Hypnobirthing course today!


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